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  JODE - The Wedding Planner

Getting married is one of the defining moments in our life because it's not a matter of few hours celebrations, it continues for a life time ahead. We JODE - A Unit Of Razzmatazz Froup are geared to customize, every aspect of your wedding - UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL & ETERNALLY MEMORABLE.

We as wedding palanners, transform each aspect of your wedding into a remarkably unique and impressive one. The Bridal couple is treated like royalty, in each wedding we organize. All our events are personally customized, designed and then deleiverd. Every Bride derams of a beautiful wedding & every parent aims by planning it perfectly. However, so often the family gets enmeshed caught up with the arrangements of the big day. We ease your concerns and take utnost care in all the preparations, so that the bride, groom and their familites can relax and focus on their.